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Inter-mix cans of base coat

I just ordered a gallon plus two quarts of SPI medium red.

I figure I'd have to buy a couple extra cans and mix them up together to ensure that the color is even.

Is that necessary?



Paint Fanatic
Staff member
The SPI red is different from my other reds as only one pigment is used, SO bottom line is i could not screw up the color if i tried.
NO need to mix.
Hi, Barry. I understand that you have three reds, "regular" red, medium red and dark red. Not to question you, but ssanto said he had medium red (which I also am going to use and have the same question as he does). Your answer says your SPI red is different from your other reds. Just so I'm not confused, is it your medium red that is different from your other reds ("regular" red, dark red) and doesn't require mixing or is it the "regular" red that is different (and the medium and dark DO require mixing).
Again, just trying to make sure I understand.

Thanks so much,