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Goodguys Camaro Class Winner

This 70 Z28 that I did using SPI single stage black won best of the Camaro class at Goodguys. Not bad for a backyard hack.... . Thanks to Barry and the crew for giving me such awesome products and helpful information to work with. I have learned a lot from the members of this forum.


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Bare metal
Z-Chrome Rust Defender
Block 80 180
Turbo primer
Block 240 320 400
Epoxy sealer
4 coats SPI SS panel painted with Iwata LPH400
Cut with 1000 1200 1500 2000 3000 5000
Buff with Menzerna 300 then Menzerna All in One

That’s it as best I can remember. I’m still refining my process with each job. Right now I’m liking the Chemical Guys compounds a little more than the Menzerna. I hate buffing....

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He told me folks were really raving about the black paint. It looks so black and so deep. Barry and his team nailed it. I’m doing a 69 for the same guy and it will be SPI SS black also.

I have both a 66 Mustang and a 95 Lightning. I am going to try the single stage on them both when it comes time to paint :)

I've seen other folks post SPI SS black on here, but that direct comparison to the other car is an amazing advertisement!
Not a very friendly looking paint job Don, It doesn't wave at ya when you walk by.:p
Can't wait till I can see my personal vehicle in the SPI ss black, hate that slight brown tint in the GM black. But there's that little issue of all the hours of bodywork to do first. I know you say you hate buffing, but that's the fun part compared to metalwork & repeated block sanding.