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Free paint?

I'm about to paint my restomod land rover, and I've been looking for a solid charcoal gray basecoat (using SPI epoxy, high build, and clears) to spray. Earlier this week my buddy found out about my project and offered me two gallons of free 2-part charcoal gray fighter jet gray aircraft paint. It's overage and they are just going to toss it. Does anyone know the primary differences between high quality aircraft and auto paint? Any reason why I couldn't or should't shoot my resto with it? Thanks!


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Since nobody commented yet, have seen bright yellow crop duster paint sprayed on a c-10 years ago. Was a pretty good quality paint, as planes with cheap paint wouldn't be worth the labor considering the large surface & conditions plane paint can experience.
Only thing I could say towards the aircraft paints is they could be an older type of proven tough paint technology (containing lead, Imron, etc)

So, sample sprayout & clear over next day, probably after light scuffing.


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It would be an ss metallic as paints that meet skydol test for those planes are always polyurethane and ss. Remember thats considered a 40ft look good paint.
Ever noticed paint when boarding a commercial jet.
I've had a lot of experience around aircraft urethane paint. I repaired flight control parts starting with DAing the 707 gray paint off, doing the fiberglass repair and sending the part to the paint booth. It is all single stage like Barry said. I've used it at home years ago and it mixed 1:1 with the hardener.
It wasn't any harder to buff than PPG DCC.

I still have some Teflon SS paint that we used for the flap retraction area of the wing for wear resistance. I think a company by the name of Crown made it.
I would get the paint and do a spray-out on an old fender and see how you like it.