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Final Flow Coat

Well, I've been at it over 30 years and I guess we just get our ways about us. For years, the "nice" stuff (non-collision) I painted, sanded and recleared (flow coat). I've tried the 5-6 coats of UV and color sanding and buffing and it turns out great. But, my old method of 3-4 coats of clear, sanding with 600 and then 3 coats of clear, I just like better and I think it seems to hold out better, more stable and deeper. I think that 6 coats of clear applied all at once is taking longer to shrink. I like to let that first round of clear to sit for a few days and then sand and flow coat. Here's the question: Euro 2020, sand and followed by UV?? Any issues with that? I like both but I seem to get a little more build with Euro2020 on 3-4 coats. I like the long term buffabiltiy of UV and it looks great. Barry thoughts? Should I use UV for both?
This was going to be my exact call to Barry on Tuesday before I start spraying this 67 camaro. I love euro for 3 or 4 coats but if you cant get onto blocking and buffing really quick it takes forever.. UV cant be beat for its long term ability to buff up and look amazing, but I agree with you Bartman that it can take a while for it to shrink and I cant always hold onto a car for 3 months after I paint it in order to keep cash flow going. I love how euro cures so quick and will look exactly the same as the day you buffed it as it will in 3 months, I feel the opposite is true with too many coats of UV. Will look fantastic when you buff and polish it but if there hasn't been a few weeks of sun curing it tends to shrink and look pulled in. but UV is just way more loveable for polishing. I planned on flowcoating the car after 3 or 4 coats of euro with more euro as clear on clear for me always comes out so slick and way better. If I can put my final 3 coats down with UV than well that just makes everything so much easier and will give the topcoat the characteristics that any show car guy is looking for.