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Filler over epoxy time frame

Discussion in 'Primers' started by Rbm, Jun 17, 2017.

  1. Rbm

    Rbm New Member

    I stripped,cleaned,and sprayed 2 coats of spi epoxy. On my schedule, it will take ,3-4 weeks to do filler work. Can I just scuff the epoxy anytime in that month window and apply filler? I read some posts on the subject and there seems to be some conflicting opinions.
  2. Danny23

    Danny23 Newbie

    Scuff wIth some red scotch brite and apply filler then scuff the whole panel/body for more primer.
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2017
  3. Barry

    Barry Paint Fanatic Staff Member

    As long as its not out side in sun you can 180 by hand and apply filler, if outside you must recoat with epoxy.
  4. mitch_04

    mitch_04 Learnin'

    Barry, I have some windows in my shop that occasionally shine light on my epoxied panels. Does that affect it the same as being outdoors, or do the traditional rules (3-7 days) count?
  5. Barry

    Barry Paint Fanatic Staff Member

    No UV's don't bend.
  6. mitch_04

    mitch_04 Learnin'

    After reading your reply, I googled and learned that apparently UVB rays don't go through normal glass, only UVA does. Not sure which cures paint more.

    I'm not sure you understood, or maybe I'm taking your response wrong. I'm not speaking of a reflection or anything, just light coming straight through a window onto a painted surface... no bending?

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