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Explain why!


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My wake up time is usually about 4 am and the first thing I do even though Dub handles the forum (he's not up yet, LOL)
Is check forum for scams or other posts that should be deleted and I do!
So in last six months, I have deleted about 8 to 9 posts about one company 5 or 6 were bad experience by shops where they supposedly had issues and 2 were promoting that company.
When I do this I send a pm to the poster explaining why and the bottom line is if your clear is coming off or whatever call them but we have no interest in dirty laundry being posted here, nor do we need any other post about that company on here.
Dub has blocked the name and will now come up as ******, so you know.
the facebook page is also plagued with the " can i use cheap shit under spi " thing . one particular company trolls their cheap kits everywhere . hr.com was eat up with it for a while. ban the suckers for life !


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That's normal and I don't mind that, I don't mind if Nason, Omni or likes is mentioned here as I would never recommend certain products but I have in the past such as the higher grade Nason SS if the job warrants it but they're not scamming anyone either.
On tech line I'm never shy to say, I don't want any of my product over or under certain things as my reputation is too important to me VS selling a gallon of something, that gets the point across pretty fast.
I like the way this forum is going, we all trying to do the nicest work we can and there are a lot of people on here that will help anyone to achieve that goal.
Another note this is why we don't have a lounge section as no one wants to hear my opinion on politics or anything else, well a few on here we have discussed on phone or in person.
Just want to keep this professional and educational like the forum has been.
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Im glad we dont have an open lounge here. This isnt facebook! Hell I dont even have a facebook anymore just for that reason. I love coming here because I can get answers from trusted sources.

If I had to guess on the said paint company in question, I'd guess its *******......... yep. i was right.


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There is one web site dedicated to autobody+store that has a lounge and the political threads there can be brutal. I call it the 'fight club'.
I don't visit that site's lounge now, as well as resist getting drawn into political rants on FB, because it does nothing other than polarize people. I do stay in tune to politics but I rely on my own research and not what the media reports.