Epoxy/Slicksand Timeline


I'm really only able to work on this project on weekends.. maybe a few days during the week but not guaranteed. Sunday I sprayed epoxy. I need to spray Slicksand next but how long before I have to scuff the surface to do this? I've read spraying epoxy one day, slicksand next is normal. If I wait a week will I need to scuff the epoxy first?

When Slicksand is blocked my plan was to reduce epoxy and seal it before paint.


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It needs to be sanded or scuffed after 7 days. I usually sand it if it's over three days for peace of mind although not necessary.


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Epoxy one-day slick sand next is not correct and asking for a short term paint job.
48 hour set time is required and up to 7 days without sanding.
Next, seven days sand with 180 and after 14 says recoat with epoxy.


Ok great thanks Gents.. so within 7 days i'll wipe with W&G remover and lay on the slicksand.

Only concern now is I'd like to put at least 2 coats of Slicksand on these panels but Houston is hot right now and I know this stuff can set up quick.


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Make sure your gun is big enough to shoot poly primer. At least a 2.0 nozzle. Bigger the better. Mix only enough to spray immediately (one coat). Don't mix more than one gun cup at a time. It will start to thicken (slowly) as soon as you mix it. So only mix enough to shoot your first coat. Then mix more.
Get a gallon of acetone to mix with your cleanup thinner to help clean the gun. Some cheap wash thinners don't clean poly primer very well. Acetone will help that. Clean your gun between coats.
I think acetone will also help increase the sprayable pot life in a hot climate. Maybe someone else can chime in on that.

Northern Tool sells a cheap 2.3 nozzle gun that works good. (shine loves them)



Yeah it's been really hot and humid! I think we had some of that Houston humidity up here in Fort Worth, ugh.