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Epoxy sealer coat question.

Discussion in 'Sealers 6401, 6402, 6403' started by tgwise, Jun 18, 2017.

  1. tgwise

    tgwise Newbie

    Hi, I wanna start over on my last spray job. Used SPI single stage black. I wanna start over. I've wet sanded the car down close to the primer with burn thru's. I wanna spray an epoxy sealer coat to cover the small bare spots and primer showing. I started with 600 grit and plan on finishing with 800 grit. I'm going back to the original color which is metallic. I plan on finishing with 800 grit. Question is. Will this be the right plan for epoxy sealer coat to adhere to? Thanks.
  2. Barry

    Barry Paint Fanatic Staff Member

    Yes and 600 should be all you need.

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