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How long should you wait after mixing until you shoot it? I've heard someone say they wait overnight. How long are most people waiting? Are you taking a chance on it running like crazy unless you wait a certain amount of time? Thanks
I have mixed it up (unreduced) and shot it almost immediately with no problems whatsoever.
If I add reducer I like to wait at least 15 minutes.
Next time I shoot it as a sealer I plan to wait a few hours like a number of guys on here do before spraying. I am not sure why it sprays better but if Barry, Bob and gang say it does I'll take their word for it.
I have never had a problem spraying unreduced epoxy right after mixing.

When I am working steady on a project, I always keep some mixed epoxy in a sealed container. I use it as needed and return what I don't use to the container. I find this to be a real time saver because I can mix one batch and I'm good for 3 days (keep the container out of direct heat).

Epoxy will spray more smoothly if fully induced.
Increase your induction time if temperature is anywhere close to 60.
Always give reduced epoxy atleast 15 minutes.
It won't run like crazy, it just sprays better with induction IMO.
spray and induces better warm. i keep left over for a few days too...
I just sprayed unreduced yesterday. I mixed it up, tacked and wiped down the car (about 15 minutes) and sprayed 2 medium wet coats. It came out beautiful. It actually had a little gloss to it (hope I didn't spray on too wet). I used an Iwata lp400 1.4 with a silver cap. Would the epoxy mix be considered a thin or thick paint? This is my first time painting, so I want to use it as a comparison when setting up the gun for base coat and clear.
Glossy means you sprayed it just right.

It should be a direct comparison to a premium Base, as far as spraying.
this is only one coat but a heavy coat. mixed and shot maybe 30 min later. just a little slow reducer . i love the gloss. lets me see what needs attention and works as a guide coat. i shoot epoxy with my lph400 1.4 . next car i will use my 2qrt pressure pot. epoxy 1.jpg
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Check out my "1934 Chevy Master Sport Coupe" thread under "Restorations". I have had my car in black epoxy for a year now, and I get compliments about the paint at just about every show I go to.

Like Shine said, the best thing about the extra gloss of SPI epoxy is that it is just like using a guide coat.
Now if only I can keep my garage that clean.
So next step is a little filler, 2k primer and seal. Will reduced epoxy have the same gloss? Trying to get an idea if i'm applying paint correctly.
It depends, how much reducer and and what speed reducer you use vs the temp you are spraying in.

Epoxy should lay like a base coat, even though one coat of epoxy may equal 2-3 coats of base in mil thickness.
aint i lazy . car stays on twirler until i'm done buffing . i DO NOT like bending and stooping over.