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Epoxy as final coat

I am thinking of using some black epoxy as a hood stripe on my latest project. Couple questions:

1) Should I thin it before shooting? I have some extender but no reducer on the shelf. I was thinking of using about 30% extender to help it flow better.
2) Has anyone ever put UC over it? What does it look like? SPI black is like looking into a black hole, is the epoxy is not quite as deep a black so I was nervous it would look like a murky black under the UC.



Paint Fanatic
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Dont use extender in epoxy some use a non polar polyol and that could be a problem.
The black epoxy does not use the same black as our base but if cleared will like like a base clear, however if next to a black black it could look gray shade in sun.
I, one time, touched up a Yeti mug I had painted (using black epoxy as a "base") with single stage black. I thought epoxy black was pretty black, but it was clear as day next to a real black. It has more of a brownish look too it.

That being said, if there isn't anything next to it, it isn't as noticeable. If you are going to clear over it, get some black base. If you are going to leave it exposed, probably get the matte black. Tons of people here seem to love how it sprays out compared to epoxy.