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Did good deed for the day


evil painter
I don't fund homeless people, do church projects all weekend, or any sort of other saint like stuff. But it is a good feeling to take a worthy younger person under your wing , so to speak, for a little while & show them some basics of a skill they have interest in, in this case spray painting. When giving a little crash course on something, I try to give enough info to give a good start, but not too much to overwhelm. Start with watching me, then let them spray on scrap showing basics of gun adjustments, distance, hand motion, walking with gun, etc. Today was just doing waterbourne industrial paint, cheap & safe.
Starting to think it's easy?, thinned paint out overly thin like a pretend candy & barely apply color evenly without running.
A little more watching me do another door panel & then more practice. Starting to feel fun, go clean out my gun for me.:p
Kid didn't do bad, if we get time again, may let him try spi clear next time.
Felt good to do my part in helping todays younger crowd expand their skillset.


Paint Fanatic
Staff member
That is fantastic what you did, this is such a great industry but it has to be shown to the younger generation and there is no greater feeling than helping a new guy learn the trade.

We have everyone against us and an example, one of the best tech schools I know of I was doing a class for the body shop and at lunch was in the professor's lounge. The instructor announced so and so ( a painter and an ex-student) was coming to attend the afternoon class.
The English professor started a rant as to how stupid this guy was as a student in her class and the instructor said you know he made X amount of dollars last year painting cars, she went off the deep end because he made more than she did.
If only he wore a white shirt and tie, all would have been good.


Paint Fanatic
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Another great tech school Bodyshop, they put in a new dean to replace the one that retired, they had one of the best welding classes and body program around, the last dean had invested over $500,000 into updating the body shop just a year before.
This stuff shirt came right out and said we don't need to waste money on training labors and he wanted to close both the welding and body shop down. I was asked to meet with him, so I showed up in my normal blue jeans and spi shirt. LOL
So I started giving him names of painters and the body shops they were working at and an estimate of what they were making as I had done 3-5 classes every year for years. He said I'm not sure I believe your figures or story that common labors are worth more than $12.00 an hour!
I had to stay seated and bite my tongue and think for a minute and then I said, Why don't you visit those body shops and verify what I said if you want to be good at your job?
No answer and then I said Mr. Ph.D. so your pride and joy is the nursing assistant two-year program where the going hire rate is $9.00 an hour every day and with that, I would say you are book smart and street stupid. and left.

This is our problem!
Ha ! Not bragging here - I have 2 bachelor degrees - 1 as a registered nurse - 2 friends Own bodyshops, my step son is a pipe fitter/journeyman - none of them went to college and they ALL make more than me ! I make more in my garage per hour painting on the side than I do working at the VA ! I think it’s great ! I’ll tell anyone that will listen to go to a trade school and screw the 100,000 dollar debt you’ll receive from college when all it will get you is a $30 thousand/year job ! Good luck paying off student loans with that !


Top Banana
What jl did was great. Vocational high school my father & i attended now has spider webs in half the shops.
Father visited it 15yrs ago to use slow drill press (he was the class foreman in his day) and dust covered everything.
Our legal system got to be part of cause. Imagine allowing a teen today to use a lathe, drill,press, welder, oxy/acy torch.
Oh i see liability personal injury liars waiting in parking lot. Cut little finger in sheet metal class? How dare that happen!
Wonder if share time girls still come by the bus load for cosmetology heh. Now that was happy hour.
I'll do what jl did with my cousins little kids one day. Thin latex house paint to play paint man with. Heck I wanna try that now lol.
I went to a trade school for my High School, I took drafting and they found me a part time
job during my junior year doing drafting, I went to work every day at noon and came back to night school
2 days a week to make up my other classes.
I started full time work when I graduated and have been working the past 40 years at various
engineering companies, never had a problem finding a job.
I am retired now, don't know where I'd be without that trade school.


evil painter
Good answer to an overeducated idiot Barry!
I didn't get much extra schooling opportunities growing up in a tiny sw La. bayou town, but there was an industrial arts dept there in my time. Ist year teacher when I started didn't really know much of crap, But me being me got allowed to occasionally skip other classes & go teach myself stuff in there. A lot of little things I learned growing up was people I didn't even know stopping their truck & showing me something. Putting a scrap 2 by 4 section under a hammer head for leverage prying nails out of old wood for example. Now that I'm getting around those peoples age, I think back more on that sort of thing in appreciation.
Today's younger generation does have you tube & google we didn't have , but that's both good & misinformed from what I see. No substitute for a little hands on instruction.