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Devilbiss Tekna Basecoat Gun

Discussion in 'Tools' started by danp76, Aug 8, 2017.

  1. danp76

    danp76 Oldtimer

    Have you guys tried this new basecoat gun? It's been out for a little while now, just curious what you guys are using. I typically use all Sata guns, but have heard good things about it.
  2. crashtech

    crashtech Combo Man

    If I had to guess, I'd say that its performance specs are geared towards waterborne base. I've been out of the Sata ecosystem for a long time now, but I would think nothing DeVilbiss has can hold a candle to Sata's best guns.

    I like my Tekna Copper for basecoat quite a bit, it seems to have a pretty forgiving long oval pattern that works for me.
  3. danp76

    danp76 Oldtimer

    The Tekna guns are not bad for the money. I have sprayed with them and the Sata guns, and it often comes down to what you are used to spraying with, and what you have dialed in.
  4. Barry

    Barry Paint Fanatic Staff Member

    I have probably adjusted a conservative figure 500 of these guns over the phone and not heard any negative complaints.
    Since one of the most popular calls I get is what gun to buy if they cannot afford an Iwata or Sata then I recommend the Tekna gun.
  5. Jorge M.

    Jorge M. Member

    If you're talking about the new navy blue looking one with the HV20 aircap, I own that gun and it's my waterborne basecoat one, it works pretty good with lower pressures 14-16 PSI, less overspray and easier to use in situations where you have little room for blending. It's slower than the regular black Tekna prolite for sure, fatter droplets, coarser atomization.

    If you're shooting solvent you'll probably be better demoing the new SATA 1500 SolV RP gun, it has the same body as their primer guns, smaller and lighter than the top of the line 5000, nice gun for the price.

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