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Crazyhorse ShopTtruck

Power cowl vent. Funny. Didn't know such a thing existed. Nor can I wrap my head around why such a device exists other than to one up the guy next to you. That is great.
I told ya.... You still got it. Really nice job I'll be sure to take good care of it. When can I expect it to arrive in my driveway. Can you sign the dash for me before you send it my way?
likely be my last of this style build. after our move next summer i will start on my falcon . getting close to time to hang up my guns .
well this thing has fought me every inch . was ready for exhaust and gone but something not right in the motor . would not carry a load such as a/c or in gear . spent 3 days messing with it . only one fix . replace it with another one i had . out on monday back in on fri . going for exhaust then to it's new home . one step closer to retirement .


engine ran ok until the load . cam timing i suspect . it was an 84 5.0 and may have had the cam retarded 4 degrees. dont know but i had a 5.0 roller long block so i just swapped it out . i'll deal with it later .