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Crazyhorse ShopTtruck

i really had planned on keeping this one for a daily driver . found it in a chicken barn where it had been for 30 years or so . oh well i'll find another one to keep maybe.
i do love these trucks. with the camaro clip they drive like a go cart and ride really well.
this was going to be a driver but after getting sick i ended up buying a truck to drive . so this one will pay some of the bills.
all my plumbing is done now. just need to do a/c lines. have the fenders almost ready to prime then i'm down to doors and hood . still need to get the fresh air ducts to the grille installed .
bought a 1984 crown vic . had only 27k miles on it . the lady only drove it a mile or so each day back and forth to her print shop . it had set for many years but buttoned up. i tore it down and did all bearings and gaskets. plus got rid of the tbi . small comp cam / new lifters for low end . engine was really clean so it should be fine. i prefer something like this to a crate motor. i think my friend edward is going to end up with it. he bought my 37 before i got it finished.
Looking good! I love those trucks, well really I love all trucks.

Question: How do you finish he door striker? I blasted mine and sprayed epoxy on it, but I don't expect it to last.