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Report:: it was Jan 2018 I put Damar 4' & 8'bulbs, bypass ballast type, in my company's office & warehouse, which we are just finishing moving out of. 10 plus hrs a day 5 plus days a week, nearly 3 years, saw 1 bulb was out. I'll let the new guys know they can go to the local Light bulb depot chain store & get a new one under the 3 yr warranty.
Was cheaper locally with cash commercial account, think this was the 8' model I got.
LBD | 34144A , T8 , White , 43 Watts (


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Hyperikon & Shine are what i installed back then.
Mine that fail strobe i'll guess 60hz. 1 little capacitor likely failed.
They come apart, if i wanted, could remove the led strip & put 12v strip back wired direct for emergency light on battery. Would need regulator cause 12v batt's a bit too much.
They just closed the lightbulb depot that was less than a mile away. Well, I say just closed or maybe I just noticed. Sure seems like most places around Chicagoland are shutting down and shipping from warehouses other than carrying the rent and taxes around here, especially the out of state owners of property, man, they are getting nailed. I did notice a 50,000 hour expected life. Mine were

LUMINOSUM, T8 LED Tube Light 8 Feet 40W, Single Pin FA8 Base, Clear Cover, Cool White 6000k, Fluorescent Tube Replacement,​

Claim 50,000 +, I never saw these as anything more than replacement body panels, one or two foreign places making them for everybody. Will check out US made, but odds are its US assembly.


I have finished replacing all my florescent 4 foot fixtures with LED. My booth is 13'x23'x8'. I did 10 8 foot and 6 4 foot fixtures. I like the compact size on the fixtures I used. Everything is 5K.
This is the 8 foot I bought
The 6 4 foot lights I bought with frosted lenses. The link I have has changed.
My biggest recommendation is to NOT buy clear lenses on any LED lights. I hated how these 8' lights messed with my eyes when on. I had to buy frosted film to put over the lenses just so I could use where I installed them. If I had 10 foot ceilings and had them installed there and never looked up, they might be fine. I bought them to install low so when painting I could see the reflection in the panel when painting.

One of the reasons I changed from florescent was I kept hitting the bulbs with my ass and breaking them some times in my tight space.
I also wanted the lower belt-line light for lower on the rocker panel. One side is 18" and the other 12" off the ground.


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ok, next question. I am overall happy with my switch to some LED fixtures. I will have a few to go, but so far so good. Now I have one issue. with the old t8 bulbs I could just remove the bulbs and clean them off with a scotchbrite and reinstall. The new ones the "bulb" is just plastic and I obviously cant use a scuff pad to clean them, im debating on getting some crystal clear transfer paper and just covering them and then swaping them out when the time is needed.......or could cut holes in my walls and tuck them in and cover them with totally kidding about that part. lol.

Overall the lighting they produce is great.


Looks good! Nice home set up. Getting ready to section off a part of my shop for spraying with a curtain wall. How do you like the carpet? The thought is to help keep dust down?


Using the clear (frosted in my case) film was easy to install. I just cut into strips and stuck on. It has a low adhesive and I was able to pull this off and stick it back on easy.



Garage hack at night.....
Looks good! Nice home set up. Getting ready to section off a part of my shop for spraying with a curtain wall. How do you like the carpet? The thought is to help keep dust down?
yes it helps alot IMO. Also im waiting on UPS to show up today with my curtain wall.
well, about to remove all the real work out of the booth and put a car inside. Noticed 2 bad ballasts. Here we go again. Why not make the switch now. So after bouncing around a few sites, I stumble upon batteries and bulbs. Never thought much of them, looked at batteries for an electric chair there once. I do not think I got the right bulb, but this LED11665 say 28-32 watt replacement, smaller diameter than the 40W I am removing. Wiring was strange, black and white wire are on one side of the lamp, the opposite side just needs a socket as a holder, no wiring. 5000K, Daylight, 1800 lumen, 50,000 hour life expectancy. Frosted cover which is actually glass. Did the sides first since they are a pain to pull out, turn, pull the center off to a bench, just went sides on and was not too impressed, but when the 24 bulbs on top of the booth lit up it was as bright as it has ever been.

Either way, sign up as a business and get a buck off per bulb, paid 5.90 each. Trashing some sockets cost me more. They had them for 1.35, but only had 17 in stock, and of course we had to paint the inside of the fixture while they were apart, put a polyurethane on them this time so that epoxy wont just turn yellow again, but swapped cracked sockets, 48 bulbs, got it done for about 400.00. I figured it would have cost a grand easy. So if you are looking, just a suggestion.

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Anotheridiot do you have a picture of the lamp? We have a batteries and bulbs in our town and nice people to deal with.
actual bulbs, dont know if this is what you asked for.


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Garage hack at night.....
Curtain wall has been a complete game changer!