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Converting Booth to LED

Discussion in 'Paint Booth' started by Bartman, May 5, 2017.

  1. EddieF

    EddieF Top Banana

    I was never in paneled with aluminum or stainless room heh but yes sure white reflects. Gloss white wouldn't more then flat?

    And i withdraw saying "great" for a choice of led tubes cause after thinking about it, i shouldn't say that w/o hands on time.
    Its the way of the future, they'll only improve from here. My father says there's still wasted energy cause they got quite warm.
  2. shine

    shine Member

    wood paneling was big in the 60's. houses were dark and gloomy. white walls light up the whole room. my painting days are numbered so i will just stick with the lights i have. no way i will drop that kind of money replacing fixtures.
  3. Patrick Harmon

    Patrick Harmon New Member

    you could also consider booth coating it peels off after overspray builds up and there is a version available for dirty paintbooth walls this guide on keeping your booth clean may also be helpful
  4. '68 Coronet R/T

    '68 Coronet R/T Oldtimer

  5. EddieF

    EddieF Top Banana

    Light output in specs look good. 120 lumens per watt 120x40=4,800 for that 8 footer.
    I've seen brighter but that'll come with increased heat most of the time so i say they decent. Keep us posted.

    I ordered 64 feet of leds in stickyback tape form. Gonna play, bought narrow roll of aluminum flashing, some angle, some aluminum c channel & realized i payed more for a 4' length of channel then a 4' led t8 lol.

    10" x 10' roll of flashing cost same. I'm thinking of making 1/2 inch thick max light box for wall. Just playing but might work for cheap & want that wall area to stay flush-ish.

    If nothing else i'll boarder bedroom ceiling & have low voltage emergency lighting. Car battery on trickle charge. I want cheap plastic frosted crown molding :)
  6. EddieF

    EddieF Top Banana

    I tried these so far. I put 2 strips full length of a 8' angle aluminum piece. Results- buy the bulbs already done. Tape is nice for custom lighting where you don't see lights.
    Tomorrow another type with smaller leds and 3x many per foot arrive. 12v, whereas these are 24. 12v with resistor to lower car voltage a tad i see uses for. Leds are super sensitive to voltage increases above rated.

    Pat- booth coating sounds cool for busy booth.


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