Compressor setup.

Some progress today. Went shopping at work! Working at a build shop has it's perks at times.


Everytime I do any type of plumbing I have a new respect for good plumbers/pipe fitters.

Started tieing it all in tonight.

The way I had my setup before. It was choked down to 1/2" right off the tank, then I had my hose going through a real on the wall. On the last complete I did when I would get to the end of the car, the compressor would turn on finally and I would notice my gun would be down about 5-8psi.

I'm going to upsize the hose to 3/8, no more hose real on my paint line, I'll just wrap and hang it and high flow fittings. I'm hoping the added volume will allow me to keep a more constant pressure.

Here is a pic of my before setup. You can see it in the background.
Your piping looks great, good job!

Here are a couple pics of a couple days work running a chemical drain, waste and vent, DI water, and ihw-icw system in a lab room at a new science building. The dw (blue) went in first, then the DI ( milky white) , and finally the ihw/icw . It all had to fit in yet to be built chases. I was scratching my head by the time I got to the copper as to where I could put it without going outside the envelope,LOL!

Upgrading to a 1/2" airline for my gun only. Lets talk high flow fittings...........What's the best to go with?
Don`t get them from harbor freight, I got some there & they all leaked, threw em in the trash.
I was just bored, ordered the devilbliss high flow fittings. Need to grab some 1/2" line
I did some air pressure tests with fittings and 1/2" hose.
The fittings made a huge difference but the hose didn't so I
went back to the std 3/8" hose.
And if you run high pressure to the gun before regulating down
then the fittings don't matter either.
Well I put air to the system. No leaks! Weird, that NEVER happens when water is involved, lol
Add water to the lines and you will have leaks everywhere. Makes a big difference when it can make a mess. LOL

ADTKART;8657 said:
Add water to the lines and you will have leaks everywhere. Makes a big difference when it can make a mess. LOL


How true! This last October we installed a new heating system in a college buidling at the University of Idaho. we pressure tested the system at 100 psi with air for 8 hours. Inspector came, verified the test and signed off. A few weeks later we filled had the system flushed and filler with 30% glycol.

Started the pumps up and began circulation.
BAM, we had a leak on a fitting in a janitor closet (thank god) where one of my guys had prepped the fitting and pipe, put it together and forgot to solder it. 15 psi of glycol mixture was enough to destroy the "seal" of the Oatey 5 flux .

Thankfully the pipe insulators were in the hallway near there and heard the leak and were able to shut off the branch valves immediately.
Well now that my air sutuation is done, time to address my storage situation.

Thanks again for all of the tips in this thread.
Can't help you on the storage. I can hardly walk in my garage most of the time.

You can buy these at Home Depot for about $10.00
They connect to the std 1/4" fittings on air hoses and tools but
the disconnects are 3/8, the passage hole inside is about twice as big
as a std 1/4" coupler. (that's the bottleneck)
they made a huge difference for me.



That's exactly what I did to all my air tools and hoses, the only thing I don't like is the spring couplers(female) don't seal the best. I would like to change just my female couplers to a better quality like Milton.
Painted this weekend for the first time with my new set-up. I am very happy!

Also, the devilbliss fittings are very nice! No struggle, just click and go. ZERO leaks. Worth the extra few buck!

I clear with a plus. usually at about 40psi. The high flow fittings def made a difference.