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clear coat

I had an error with a blotchy spot in my base, and customer wants it repaired. I thought I read somewhere that fresh, few day old clear can be cleared over without sanding or scuffing...is this true? I've always resanded before applying any more base or clear.


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This was more then a few days, used med container to put leftover in. I did not expect this months after.
They didn't stick at all.
IMG_6876.PNG IMG_6877.PNG
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If it is completely clean and not been out in the weather you could get
away with clearing over fresh clear without sanding, most times.
But I wouldn't do it, at the very least, scuff it with a gray scotchbrite pad and
you'll be sure, and the scuffed area remaining will buff out easily too.


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Here is why the test you did will not tell anything.
Let say we make a hockey puck out of clear and leave an inch in the quart painters pail, two months later we carefully pop the puck out, at the bottom will be wet solvents that could not get out so we let set out of cup for another 6 months to finish curing.
What is the number one cause of de-lamination? Solvent and the thick amount of clear you used trapped solvent between the two layers and they broke adhesion in the curing process.
Next time take a puck that is dry and lay on foil or wax paper and pour some clear on top and test week later. That would represent a heavy re-clear.