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clear coat stained.

I have a 90 SS truck I did a complete on a couple of years ago. I used spi black base and universal clear. I saw the truck last yr. and it looked good as the day it left. It is rarely driven or even taken outside. 2 mo. ago he decided to sell it and took it out of his shop to take pictures. It has set under the trees all that time. There was never any wax put on it with the exception of maybe some show car #7 glaze. he drove it by the shop one day and I told him to leave for me to clean up. It had tree sap?? from pecan trees really bad on the hood and top. It looked more like mildew to me. I just don't know. I washed it with HOT water and dawn 3 times. That didn't help much. I used a clay magic bar. Didn't work. Alcohol no good, urethane reducer helped tiny bit. I went over the hood with some with Chemical Guy's v32 and # 7 glaze. It looked 90% better. After a day out side then back in the shop for a week I washed it again and it looks almost as bad as it did when I started. I think I will have to repaint and wounder how far down do I need to go. Sorry this is so long. Help.
I've never tried, but recently the Wizard rep said to use Seafoam Deep Creep to remove sap. Maybe worth a shot, they even make a tree/sap remover but he said Deep Creep works better and doesn't harm the paint.
your dealing with mold. pecan tree sap is one of the worst. a car will turn a dark gray over time and feel sticky . i've tried everything over the years. but i was dealing with old pasture art that had sat out for years. try some household mold killer in a small spot to see if it attacks the paint. your dealing with organic matter than is growing into the paint. sanding and buffing would be the route i would take .
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I've used adhesive remover wipes for skin appliances on a hood, was better then alcohol.
South FL my uncle gave used cars a bleach bath.

This is why i wax my cars soon as possible after clear cured. Guessing a month after sitting outside.
I go by when i can put my nose to it & not smell solvents. So far so good. Did stain easy before wax.

Sap is a b---- with without wax.


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I really had no idea until Shine responded about how bad the pecan tree sap is.
This is all new to me, sorry.
Yes alcohol & i found remover wipes for skin glue, ostomy barriers ect to be a notch better.
It has a oil feel to it which didnt evap like alcohol.
Nothing would touch the really dried & baked for yrs sap though. Wetsanding got it.
the sap is not problem but the mold is growing into the surface. i have cleaned them up only to find it growing back a week later. you either have to kill it or sand through it. try a corvette that has sat under one for 30 year. after stripping it i ended up bleaching the whole car several times.