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Chinese Sata clones

For a while I was considering buying a Sata 5000, ended up going with a Prolite but I spent enough time researching Satas to be able to identify obvious clones.

Someone just paid $455 on ebay for a Chinese knockoff of a Sata 5000hvlp. I WISH I could contact them and let them know they've been ripped off so they could return it.


I know a lot of guys here are very experienced but just in case it's anyone here........................

Now this gun is an obvious copy, but I wonder if there are far better copies out there also?


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How do you know it is a clone? I've seen obvious knockoffs but never one with the original mfg's markings on it.

Just curious,
There is a seller from italy or somewhere over there selling 5000’s at around $455. A few members here bought them and they are originals. There is some ki d of code that you can apparently go in satas website to see if its genuine. They were from what one member here said
If you look at that gun in the ebay listing - and they come up all the time - the plastic ring around the air cap is missing, it is just an anodized section on the copy. The 5000 has a plastic piece in the butt of the gun which is missing on the copy. The trigger shape is different. The boss where the cup fits into is much shorter on the originals than the copy. The air fitting is different than the Sata.
It's a pretty convincing fake. I had to go look at photos of a real one, and even then it's not easy to tell from pictures. I bet it would be more obvious in the hand.

It's possible the seller doesn't know.


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Report it to Sata if you think its a fake, I give Sata (dan-am) a lot of credit because maybe 10-20 years ago the fakes hit hard and Sata went after all of them and wiped out the problem.

Year ago one of my jobbers had a fake Iwata LPH400 given to him and he gave it to me to try for the scoop. Looked about the same but sprayed like chit.
I used the gun 3 times testing batches and never again.


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That was a great article, I have known Tony for many years, he used to come to GA and spend a week at hunting camp but not been in touch for a lot of years now.
Good to see they are still protecting their brand.

This is a problem for all manufacturers but I saw Dupont one time where a jobber of theirs was putting a Dupont imron label on a fake activator, this guy was worth millions and lost everything and got jail time.
Another jobber was doing this with Amerfint labels on a fake activator and he went down the tube really fast.
Every company needs to step up and body slam people that do this, I did myself and won but hope it never happens again, in my case, there were a number of people that were destroyed as their company wanted no part of what happened.
I notice a lot of Satas are sold IN the box on ebay, so you can't see the gun. If I were interested in one of those I'd insist on them removing the gun form the box and photographing it.

I hate thieves.
A lot of guys I work with are into hitting the "markets" in China. I was with a co-worker who had a few left over gazinks to spend. He grabbed knock off RayBans. I have owned several pair of Raybans, and the fakes are blatantly obvious. Coincidentally, the next day, my daughter texts me a picture of some Raybans she bought brand new and got a great deal on at a consignment shop. $90 for brand new, with labels and case. Ironically, the label and case were identical to the fakes my co-worker had bought the previous day. I told my wife and daughter, it is not likely that someone would take brand new, labeled, in the case "real" sunglasses to a consignment shop and sell them for 50% off? Versus just returning them to where they bought them? You can buy copies all day long on ebay for $10, and in China they are $2.

When I got home a few days later, in 5 seconds, I determined they were fake. I went back to the consignment shop and told them they duped a teenager into spending her OWN cash on junk. They denied my claim, saying they are the real deal from a reliable client, and already paid out the consigner. I took 2 pair of real Raybans with me, and educated them on fakes. They had 2 other pair of Raybans in their shop. Ironically, both of those were copies, too. They agreed, and refunded my daughter her money. Now, whenever I see co-workers buying knock-off stuff, I tell them about my daughter spending her hard earned money on this junk.

Looking at the pictures above, the clue to me that the Sata gun is knock off, is the poor casting. Looking around the sata logo, it is poorly done, and the rest of the body is lumpy and wavy. The knockoff junk I have seen in China, is always poorly and crudely cast, and logos are usually stamped, hand painted, or hand engraved. Copies are always a sloppy interpretation of the original.
yes, this or these italian sellers are legit, best price for Sata guns anywhere in the world......Italco guns, obvious sata fakes, are actually really good guns..
i had a chance to test out Prana spray guns, sata copies, they are being sued now by Sata, one of my jobbers was selling them, and a lot of shops around my area bought them...i would never ever pay $300 for a copy gun like that altough it sprays pretty good but build quality is suboptimal..
There's another guy on ebay obviously selling fake LPH300 Iwatas. He sold one with the b.s. "used this to paint my harley tank" blah blah blah. As soon as it sold he listed another one. That one sold yesterday, now he's listing another one. Always same pictures and same B.S. Apparently he used at least three LPH300s with 1.4 tip all at the same time to paint a harley tank. Yeah....sure........
I notice he also sold a bootleg Sata a few weeks back.