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Candy hok kk mixing?

I need to read the comments again ..I'm asking so I can see what my options are I have 4 gallons of DuPont 7900 clear is why in asking
Oh ok, makes perfect sense now, if I were in your shoes I'd be asking the same questions.

The trickiest part is the Kandy midcoat, and for that you'd probably still have an easier job with the 2020 intercoat than with a full on true clearcoat. Then use the 7900 as the final clear. I have zero experience with DuPont clears though, hope is good stuff so that you can confidently use it.


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First off this is the SPI Forum. We are users of SPI's products. Second Universal is less than half what a gallon of Chromaclear is, and it is a superior Clear. Plus SPI and Barry are there for their customers, he'll help you every step of the way. Spraying something on a Sunday afternoon? Got a question? With SPI you can text Barry directly and you'll get help in a few minutes. You think the local Dupont (or any other) Jobber is gonna stop what he's doing on a Sunday and help you? (provided he even knows what he is talking about not just repeating product info.)
It's a no brainer.
I am aware this is a SPI forum. And I have bought SPI products and have used them in the past but that has nothing to do with my question you are telling me to sell the DuPont ants get Universal clear I am just simply asking you as to why as in is 1 clear better than the other or are you just saying it because customer support and yes I have text and called very many times customer support is the best No Doubt but if the cleaners are similar then why not use a 7900 since I already have 4 gallons all I am asking is if you had used to 7900 and basically if anybody knows the UV protection on 7900 compared to that Universal clear I am sure there's plenty of people probably 90% more other products besides SPI somebody is not born and introduced to one product the whole life there's plenty of other brands and I'm sure they gone through trial and error so that's why I'm asking besides customer support on the two brands
i know the questions is directed at chris. there are many good clears out there. there is even more crap. i can say that 20 years ago i was using the 7500 multi use dupont clear which was very good and prob the only product dupont had that was any good. i believe the 7900 is the replacement for that clear. that doesnt mean the 7900 is as good or better though. formulas areant always changed for the better. usually its to reduce $ and epa crap. no one is going to know if the uv inhibitors are better or worse but i can tell you the universal is prob one of the best since i have been using it over candy jobs for about 17 years now. is it worth selling the 7900.......ehh prob not but your asking alot of tech support questions and while we do our best, we cant really help you when we dont know the product. spi stuff we know well. its like calling dupont and asking them about spi clear. they will tell you to sell the spi and buy dupont. not really to make the sale, just that they cant help you unless your using it.
Jim that is a good answer though I would never tell someone to sell what they have if I haven't used that product .I'm asking a lot of tech questions so I know the route I want to go in..if someone don't know about the clear I'm asking that's fine but to say sell it for no reason is bad advice when they haven't used it. I'm simply trying to wheigh my options.and trying to figure out how to tell what clears have uv protection and is there a scale


Trying to be the best me, I can be
Hmart, I stand by what I said. Only reason I'm saying to sell it is, I'm confident that what SPI makes is far better than Chromaclear7900. You could Ebay, buy SPI and put money in your pocket. I use the 7900 some at my current day job. It's a good clear but as far as long term holdout, I don't know. It's a 2 coat clear for collision repair where speed is more important than ultimate final finish. Dupont (now Axalta) did not have a very stellar reputation. Universal is a far better clear much more suited to Restorations, Custom Paint, etc. Most of the Majors stuff is geared toward speed and the Collision Repair market.
In the end it's your choice, do what you want to.
Okay thank you for your advice that's what I was looking for somebody that had that has used it and has experience with both clears I personally have not shot 7900 so I cannot say anything about it I just like doing my homework before I spend money and I got these four gallons for really cheap price I could not pass up so I do not mind selling them if SPI is better but like I said I like to ask around and get input before I make a decision and I appreciate your advice thank you