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Candy hok kk mixing?

What is the best product to mix candy concentrate with I wanted to mix it with clear coat has anyone done a complete paint job with candy concentrate the only reason I asked about doing it with KK is because my base coat is already maroon and I want to use candy apple red over it so it should cover pretty quickly any thoughts on this I just assume the urethane candy is basically the same thing as KK just mixed with a urethane clear. The picture I attached is my actual base coat with Flake


Mix with intercoat for the body of the car. For a frame or running gear, etc intercoat will also work fine but you can also mix with urethane clear on these parts just for a little added durability. You can spary parts like this with a more concentrated mix as well so you dont have all the buildup. You color is fine on the base. Just remember your final reault will always be darker than the base you stary with. With vandy red over that you will end up with a dark red
In your opinion shooting the whole car with KK will it be okay I have a lot of people telling me not to do it and I have a lot of people telling me it will be okay basically I look at it like KK is the same thing as uk just not with urethane clear
Plus I will be using a red base coat. What would be the difference between using intercoat and regular urethane clear I am just asking just because I already have clear coat and I would have to buy the inner coat
Using a urethane clear or the hok uk line is the old school way of doing a candy job. These days the candy dyes are always mixed into a clear basecoat like the spi intercoat. Hok is the only company out there still making urethane candys. All the other paint companies are either concentrate dyes like kk or pre mixed into basecoat binder. For people to say not to do it is really off and have no idea what they are talking about. The kk is made to mix into whatever solvent binder you want.
I got u but would it be bad if I used urethane clear just asking because I have the clear.but if is no a good idea then I will buy intercoat clear.and which one is easier to shoot also will intercoat be ok with shooting 5 to 6 coats
Well either will work BUT you better hope you dont get a run. If you do the whole job is ruined. Also your going to be doing a ton of coats of urethane in one session. Maybe 5-6 coats with dye in it and another 2 of just clear to put over, let harden, sand then clear again with 3-4 coats. All that is going to open you up to solvent pop and die back. A base coat you can let sit overnight to flash then clear as you normally would and its a done deal.
My plans are to primer seal then base
Red /maroon then add flake and clear coat the whole car let dry a few days wet sand then candy and clear same day.what do u think will this work .
Yes you dont want to spray candy over a gritty surface. Knock it smooth then candy. If ibwas you though i would allow an ivernight flash before i final cleared. Also be sure while you are doing your candy allow plenty of flash because you dont want to wrinkle the clearcoat in areas you may have sanded thin
The daily driver car in my avatar was painted 5 years ago with KK and Fx Kosmic Sparks mixed into SPI intercoat to created my own base.
I activated each quart with an once or two hardener when I sprayed it.
Paint looks as good as the day I sprayed it.
that depends on the color kk and the final color you want to end with. mix it the least concentrated you can get away with. the less concentrated it is the less blotchy the finish will be. difficult colors like green may need to be broken up into 10 coats where yellows may need only 4-6.
What is a good uv clear.is DuPont 7900 clear uv protection?
I'm curious as to why won't you follow Jim's advice and use the KK concentrate on SPI 2020 Intercoat clear for your midcoat, then finish it off with Universal Clear. I doubt you'll find something as good, and if you do it would cost you a hell of a lot more.
I need to read the comments again ..I'm asking so I can see what my options are I have 4 gallons of DuPont 7900 clear is why in asking