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What company are you shop owners using for Insurance? have Erie for garage liability,body shop and auto dealer and looking to lease the agent. Thanks in advance Tom


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The company I use does not have a presence in PA. You might want to ask around some local shops in your area. I tend to avoid really big name insurance companies. Generally the more ads you see for a company, the more you want to avoid them.


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My insurance is different than a bodyshop, but here is what I have learned in the last four months.
Mine is just shy of 6 figures a year and
Been with one agency, he sold and new guy, and I did not get along.
So I shopped for commercial agencies in north GA.
I learned that a lot I was told was that only one company would insure the building and only one will insure the lia and pollution.
The new guy had several companies that wanted me due to no losses in the last 23 years.
He's coming in Monday to show me the proposals and say I will be pleased.
So talk to 2 or 3 commercial agents and let them do their job.
Stay away from the mega agencies
As you and I are too small for them.
I am leaning towards a family agency that has been around for 30 years.
We are dealing with the son of the owner.


Combo Man
Well, dealing with highly flammable liquids is not without risk. I don't know how many insurers out there have much experience in facilities that handle such things. Part of the high cost may simply represent inexperience with the risks involved and not knowing the likelihood of a claim. Certainly if the worst was to happen the damage would be in the multi-millions.


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Finding a good agent is the key. When I started my business, my lawyer recommended an agent to me. I got lucky my first time out, as this guy was great. We met every year a couple of months before renewal to review my policies and my needs, and made adjustments accordingly. He shopped my policies every year to get me the best rates. We worked together for 10 years before he was, sadly, forced to retire.

His replacement at the agency pretty much ignored me. We met once in the 3 years I was with him.

I shopped around and finally found another agent who is very much like my first agent. I have been with her for 13 years now, and have followed her through a couple of job changes over the years.

Great agents are out there. Ask other business owners who they use and if they are happy with their agent. Eventually, you will find a recommendation that fits.

I would gladly share my agent with anyone in the Buffalo NY area who is looking.