Be aware of car for-sale scams!.

Wife Got a text for a free grant for $10,000, So I took over the phone and and asked could we get a bigger amount? He or she just kept adding to it each time I asked for more, we got up to $300,000. with a $5,000 transfer fee that I had to pay.

I asked how do we get this started once I get you the money? and who ever it was on the other end asked that they only need a reason I need the money and I'll have the funds after the fee, So I gave my reason, I wanted the money to help properly get rid of dead bodies, I already have 5 in the garage and they are very smelly.

Our conversation just stopped? lol
For the most part they are too good to be true, you just believe they are fake without even trying. Biggest ever scam are african gray parrot babies or eggs that people want to ship to you, for the bird lovers. Around here, the 99 jimmy is really getting stubborn with the transfer case, so looking for another 4wd, preferably with rusted brake or fuel lines, or bad fuel pump simple repairs, the ads of the fakes are the one that have a novel for descriptions. I refuse to pay more than 1200 for a daily driver, so I always am looking for the backup plan and they usually end up being written from the same area around an expressway.