Base coat smooth enough?

hanna chakarji

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Hi guys I need some advice. First time painting a car. I’m planning on shooting euro clear tomorrow. For some reason I think my base is not smooth enough. Please give me some advice.

using 3m gun 1.4 tip 20psi

Epoxy primer/sealer coat one x2
Body filler etc.
Turbo primer x
400 dry
Gray skuff pad
Epoxy primer reduced as sealer x2
Black basecoat. X3


hanna chakarji

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Don, will 3 coats of clear give me a good final finish? cover all of this texture?

The thought gun specs call for 20 psi at the gun, but now see that it calls for 24 psi at the gun.
My seal coat (spi epoxy reduced) was a bit textured as well.


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Yes, a little more texture than you want, but not the end of the world. You could sand the base and shoot more, or just clear it. The clear will not go on as slick as it would over a smoother surface, but if you are planning to buff it is no big deal. Depends on what your expectations are of the "as sprayed" clear as to what to do.

hanna chakarji

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Barry, you are too kind! Thank you for all the personal attention you gave me today and the service you perform for this community. Really proud that you helped me.

Ill omit the pics of the runs on one side of my main panel :cool: Turns out i was moving too slow



Another option would be to leave the base as is, (3 coats should be good coverage), apply the 3 coats of clear, wet sand it with 600 and do a second round of clear.
Edit to add: let the first round of clear set for 2-3 days, then sand.


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Maybe if the fluid was cranked in it might be ok at 20. Difficult to tell on a phone screen but it looked ok to me. Some base coats lay more flat than others. Glasurit is one that comes to mind.