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Back in Black

Thanks for the kind comments. Barry you have no idea how much I appreciate your help, when I've texted you with questions that I needed answers to. This is my son's car and second overall paint job, unfortunately on the same car. After doing lots of restoration type work to the car with my son and finally getting the courage to paint it ourselves, he had an accident and rolled the car less than two weeks after finishing it. Thankfully he wasn't hurt but the car wasn't so lucky. I know most folks would have parted it out or found a donor and swapped everything over. The damage was mostly to the top of the car, no twist to the unibody. The main reason for saving the car was the time spent with my son working on it. So we found a donor car to take the roof from (not much else was salvageable) and cut the top off to replace ours. And finally here she is.

This was taken the day after the accident IMG_0347.JPG