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Another good looking job with spi

Spi reg build primer... ppg shopline base.. and spi production clear... makes a nice finish.. turned out great for a start to finish 10 hours job... thanks spi for your wonderful products. Really helps out us small fries w
What speed activator are you using for overalls? I find in a down draft booth I have trouble melting in adjacent panels, seems to cloud with slow activator.
I actually used med on that one.. i havent had any probs with this clear dieing or solvent pop or any probs at all really. I let them aor dry unless im in a big hurry
Now when i first spray it on sometimes it clouds a little. But thats from me moving to slow. It always sorts itself out.. and no matter how much ive hammered the stuff on ive yet to have a run or sag in any of my jobs with spi clear.
But as far as melting sumthin in with this clear... im not really into soing that.. if they cant pay to clear the whole panel i wont do it.. so idk there.
But thinking about that.. i think as thick as this clear is. U would def need to reduce th shit outta it. To burn it in without seeing it.. but idk really
When I mean it melting in, I mean it wetting in while spraying. If overspray lands on other panels, I'd have to try to chase it for it to melt in. I'm guessing it's skinning over too quickly when I spray in a downdraft booth, as I don't have this problem at home, where I have much less airflow.