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Another cold temp question

Hello guys,

First things first, amazing forum and amazing products. First time painting my car, and the information has been more than helpful. However I've a question that I couldn't find an answer to through search.

I've finished painting the tub of my Landcruiser and I am ready to mount it back on the chassis. However, it will have to move to unheated space (around 50 F). When is it safe to move it? It was epoxy primed 2 weeks ago, painted and clear coated 3-5 days ago. I kept the garage at 78 F this entire time. To make things worst, there is not much sunshine on forecast that aligns with my schedule.

Thank you.


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You should be fine after 78 degrees for that amount of time.
Remember still not fully cured so just be careful.
Thank you! I expect it to be a bit soft, however I wasn't sure if cold temperatures would mess with universal clear as much as they do with epoxy.


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Worst sunburn I ever got was on a cloudy day at the beach when I was young:mad:
I hear ya. Worst one I ever got was on a cloudy day on Galveston Island and I never would sunburn. I was sick for 2 days. My Dad was covered up except for his shins. He got shinburned. :D Worst thing about the Gulf of Mexico was the constant churning of the surf. Everytime we'd go I'd have sand in my swim trunks on the ride home. That and the the fact that the water in July was like 90 degrees.:) I like the South Carolina beaches much better now.