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Hello...I'm getting ready to paint a roof on a Toyota pickup.and everyone knows that the windshield rubber trim is right against where you need to paint...I know a lot of people just tape and spray...and get that nasty looking paint edge that I don't like at any way I peeled the rubber back enough to get a piece of tape in between it and the body..and folded it back to expose the edge.. for proper preparation and no paint about 2 inches at times I was slowly getting it done...then that wheel painting trick with playing cards popped in my off to store I go for cards... sliding the cards in and folding them back and taping them down went a lot quicker... some thick index cards should work fine to... maybe some one may find this helpful like it did for me..and maybe there is better way.but this is all my paint fume dead brain can come up with lol


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What I always would do with stuff like that was do what I call a "pull off". Mask off your vehicle but leave the edges like that windshield rubber unmasked. Last 1/4-1/2 inch. Doesn't really matter just a small amount. Then tape off the edge last. Don't try to go underneath, just lay it on top. Make sure you leave extra on the end so you can pull it off. When you finish clearing pull the tape off the edges while the clear is still wet. When the clear dries you have no ugly tape line. It works amazingly well actually. Great for rubber W/S moldings, beltline moldings, etc. Did it all the time when I did collision repair.
I have found that if I tape the underside and fold it back sometimes I leave a very small bit that does not get paint.

Like Barry, When I can, I use a peace of small cord that can be tucked under the rubber, holding it up slightly off the surface. Then, the paint can be applied slightly under the rubber making it look like it was painted before the rubber was installed.The weed whacker cord sounds great. I had not used it but certainly will the next time.

I have always used a nylon glass tool in the past which also works well to lift the rubber to install the cord.

hey Chris thanks for reminding me of that method ..i do that when i spray base for a two tone.and Jcclark thats how i started out with tape i could do about 2 inches at a time then i used the the cards and that went faster and John that was what is was looking for..that painted before look,,and also to get underneath to sand out any old clear coat that was coming loose. i was able to sand it where it made the 90 degree this truck belongs to a local customer of mine and i would hate to have any problems down the road...i will surely try that weedwacker line also...thank you all for the ideas and input..THIS FORUM IS THE BEST!!!!!!!
OR...3m has their trim masking tape which is basically just like the card trick. rigid edge that folds over with a non stretching tape on the other side. i hate to recommend 3m for too much but that stuff is fast and fairly easy to work with. before that stuff i did like barry and use some type of round stuff to stick under the trim. the only tricky thing with that is getting something just the right dia to work. no big enough and you lose it under the rubber trim. too big and it sticks out or doesnt stay put. for something larger dia than weed wacker line, you can use plastic clothes line.
I am in this same situation. So glad I found this thread. I’m working on my 1998 beater with original seals around all the glass. She’s got no paint or primer left on the roof so im going to make sure i get coverage under the seals.
Thanks again