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an apology

Hi Shine, like you, I've had more than my share of chemo and radiation, but I've been two years off chemo now and all other prescription medications and feeling great. I lost 70 lbs during my years of chemo, but that's not all bad, 50 of it was giving me trouble anyway and I'm quite comfortable with my new weight. I've only ever done the prep and painting on my two street rods, although will be starting my '67 Camaro soon, but due to my previous 4 bouts with cancer, I'm not taking any chances when painting. I use a Sata Vision 2000 fresh air hood, with a separate oil less compressor to supply the air and it gets its air from a completely different source than my painting compressor. I never so much as get a whif of the smell of the paint while painting. I took your advice about taping the two hoses together (after tripping all over them for a long time) and it works much better. Keep up the fight, never give in, no matter how tempting it can get at times.