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an apology

I use a supplied air system - a "hobbyair II" with a SAS full face mask. About $500 from memory and well worth it (even to the occasional "hobbyist"painter like myself ) to preserve your life. A second hose is a minor inconvenience that you get used to very quickly. A respirator - or half mask - is not good, you need a full face mask to prevent the isos and other "poisons" from entering your system via the eyes.
In hot and sweaty california it is nice to have fresh air constantly blown across your face so it is actually a positive experience to use a fresh air system.
thanks guys . i use a full hood by bullard .. i dont trust filter mask of any kind now . this is the hood . once you get the hat and air tube they are cheap to replace . better prices can be found .

now i use a large shop vac for air . filled with ice on hot days. run it to a filter and go . or they make a charcoal filter inline . i have a plastic 55 gal drum with copper coils for my blasting booth .

i can tell you this shit i'm going through is not any fun . the surgery was hell both times but this chemo is brutal . please take care of you bags . they're all you get .
Hi Shine and sorry to hear about your health problems.

Newbie painter question just to clarify (apologies if I am a little slow to understand):
so your intake for the shop vac suction is someplace away with a clean air source,
then the air goes through the shop vac with ice in the shop vac for cooling
then the air goes out the shop vac exhaust and through a hose
to your full hood,

I was considering a Hobby Air system or similar but this sounds interesting, still effective and much cheaper.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your warnings are much appreciated.
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man it just keeps getting worse. between you tube and facebook there are so many hacks posting bs it's unbelievable . sadly many of these morons and their kids will die a horrible death way before their time. so many wearing the disposable mask that are months old and totally useless .
I found a 3M brochure that discussed the gas filters. Essentially, the disposal requirements are: When the expiration date on package has passed (or 5 years after manufacturing date), 6 months after opening (even if unused) because the carbon will absorb stuff from the environment, when you can taste or smell contaminants, or as otherwise directed by some change schedule. The brochure was in Australian (;)) but I don't see why that would make a difference.

Write the date you started using the filters on the filters themselves. Or, write the date 6 months from when you started using them, whichever you prefer. That way, you know when they need to be replaced. If you start to taste or smell something before this date, you know that you need to shorten your change interval.

For hobbyists like me that don't paint often, it can be a great tool when weeks or months have passed since you used them last and don't remember.
if you are using a 3m that is 6 months old dont bother . i despise 3m to start with but those bagged mask are useless after 8 to 10 hrs exposed . thats why they are cheap. left out they absorb humidity and are rendered useless .
you cant taste or smell ISO's .
Might be wrong, but it seems to me since there is a finite amount of carbon in the cartridge respirator, how long it is effective would depend on what concentrations it gets exposed to. So for an extreme example, if you were breathing directly over the paint can, vrs in a paint booth with no air flow vrs a paint booth with good air flow, the duration of how long the carbon is effective could vary greatly. Therefore to be on the safe side, I am thinking it is probably good to swap out the cartridge earlier rather than later in actual use since you never know exactly what concentrations you are exposed to.
3m sets the use time as 40 hrs. but i would not leave my health in their hands. if you keep the mask in the bag sealed when not in use you might get 2-3 days out of one depending on time of year and humidity. filters are cheap replace daily if your painting all day .