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After exhaust filter, Anyone do it?


Garage hack at night.....
So I run exhaust filter, but damn the clear still gets through. Does anyone run a set of filters after the fan to help this?

Here is my before the exhaust filter setup.

Then it exits on the back corner of the garage. Does anyone run a set of filters, like a big box around the shutter?



Trying to be the best me, I can be
Running more exhaust filters would help alot. There's not much surface area in your pic which allows the clear to get through. Typical booth will have a lot more surface area. something along the lines of 12 - 20x25 exhaust filters.
Keep in mind even if you are 100% efficient in trapping the paint solids you are still gonna notice a solvent smell coming out of the exhaust.


evil painter
Add on paint booth exhaust setups have a large plenum box between the fan & a wall of filters. Not sure what all you got there between filters & where the fan actually is, but removing your sampling board area & having filters to the outside of it would be a good start.
Also there are filters of varying filtration efficiency, make sure you have good ones. The Viledon 500 Series that we use captures 98.9%.