A little SPI black SS


Backyard Hack
And a ton of SPI epoxy on those bumpers...

Thanks guys. I delivered this car as a painted roller to my favorite customer. He does the drivetrain, wiring, plumbing etc. I’m currently doing my fifth car for him, a 69 Mustang fastback with full Detroit Speed front and rear suspension, minitubs, shaved markers and drip rails, tucked and smoothed bumpers, custom front fender aprons, smoothed firewall etc. SPI black SS of course....

They were very rough. Several rounds of epoxy priming and blocking to get them looking good. Nothing works better on urethane bumpers imho.

When people call how to do GTOs
Endura bumpers, I can tell by the conversation they are very concerned
About all the epoxy I recommend.
Don, did you put more than a gallon on? What to cut and buff? Looks fantastic, I love some spi ss!
It was four coats, not sure if it was over a gallon but most likely because inner fenders, firewall etc are also SS. I buy it by the 50 gallon drum, just like Henry would. LOL...

I cut 1000, 1200, 1500, 3000 and 8000. Eagle yellow film dry and Trizact.
First pass ACA 500 with black wool pad
Second pass Menzerna 3 in 1 on a chemical guys green foam pad.