69 Fastback Mustang pro-touring build


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This one is almost ready to go home. Painted roller with full Detroit Speed suspension. The amount of fabrication to install the suspension was mind boggling but it’s well engineered and should give a great ride. Minitubs, shaved drip rails, shaved markers, tucked and shaved bumpers, custom aprons, smoothed firewall, custom hood vents, subframe connectors along with some minor rust repair. SPI black single stage of course and a little SPI matte black for variety… :). Goal as always is nice driver quality. No SEMA cars or museum pieces here. These cars are built to be driven and are delivered in a reasonable amount of time with reasonable cost. That’s why this is my fifth build for this customer.

Excuse the state of the shop. I let things go when I’m in the final thrashes of a build. :) Will get a serious cleaning before I begin the next project.


Heading home tomorrow. He will bring it back for a final buff when it’s finished. My next build is a patina build so just some chassis and interior paint. Good job for the hot summer.

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May I ask what your procedure is for laying down the paint? How many coats and gallons do you use? Thank You


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I spray the single stage over SPI epoxy sealer reduced 25%. Four coats of single stage. I used two gallons on this car.

Thanks for that. What activator do you recommend? I have read that slower is better. It's blazing hot in the Midwest at this time.


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I gotta find some time to mess around with mine & finish it up. Didn’t go as wild as this one has no real rust & never wrecked, so hated to start cutting on it. Next one is a different story...


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How about some specs on that engine?
The ALL-NEW 7.3L V8 Ford gasoline crate engine from the 2020 F250 Super Duty features:
  • 7.3L displacement
  • Bore 107.2 mm x stroke 101.0 mm
  • Cast iron block
  • Aluminum cylinder heads
  • Intake valve diameter 55.13 mm
  • Exhaust valve diameter 42.53 mm
  • Lift (intake/exhaust) 13.67 mm / 15.26 mm
  • Cam-in-block OHV design w/variable cam timing
  • Forged steel crankshaft
  • Cast Aluminum pistons
  • 430 HP at 5,500 rpm
  • 475 lb/ft of torque at 4,000 rpm
  • 10.5:1 compression
  • Port fuel injection
I am not sure what mods he has planned for it. It’s fairly new so aftermarket support is limited.