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'69 Chevy PickUp

What do you intend to use to drill them? I used an 1/8" bit for a pilot hole, and then, with a little pressure applied, used a step bit and drilled until it "popped" apart. I've tried the little hole saw type cutters, but they aren't any better IMO.
I have done it a number of ways.
The nice way was with a Spotle bit, but mine is now dull and they are too expensive to keep buying on my budget.
I have a Blair Rotobroach kit which works great if you drill a guide hole first and use their bit lubricant.
I have had good luck with the holesaw type if I drill a pilot hole or am able to get a good center punch mark and use the Blair Lube.
I've made a little progress over the last few weeks, here are the driver's side panels, blasted and in epoxy primer:





Evidently, I didn't take any pics of them before priming. You can see where I removed the stake pockets from the inner panel.
That is going to be MUCH better than a new truck when its done. Are you planning to spray the inside of your fenders and bedsides with SPI bed liner?
strum456;27032 said:
Are you planning to spray the inside of your fenders and bedsides with SPI bed liner?
Kinda, I'm going to do the bottoms of the inner fenders, underside of the cab, under the bed, and up the insides of the bedsides to the bottom of the bed. Also the bed itself. I'm planning on tinting the bedliner body color.
Well, I can't believe it's been over a year since I posted anything about my project. Here's the way she has sat for about the last 8 months.

As you can see, I got the bed back together. I've been working on other parts of the build. I bought an engine and overdrive transmission out of a 2001 chevy truck, and finally got it cleaned up and mounted between the framerails.

I still haven't fired it up, but I'm close. Although I didn't come up with the idea, I did something I think is pretty neat with the fuel filler. Since I am going with EFI, I needed a different fuel tank. A 25 gallon tank out of an '87 suburban fits perfectly where the spare tire originally was. I then used the back stake pocket and a marine type fuel filler:



Pretty cool, huh?
Finally made it to color! The close up of the tailgate is before clear, and the one outside is after. The shadows outside make the color appear darker than it actually is.
​I stood the bed on it's end to paint the inside, then back on the dolly to paint the outside. The first picture is of the cab before the white top, and the second is base only. I used Wandabase for the green, everything else is SPI. Only had to call the help line twice, I think that's pretty good, but Barry says I dodged a bullet on that second call. Left the tape on there too long. The only thing I'm not happy with is the amount of dirt I got in the clear. I guess that's what wet sanding is for???
Thanks MX, not sure what happened to the pics, though.

I have a question: it's been a year since I've cleared this truck, and I would like to paint the "CHEVROLET" letters on the tailgate white. Should I scuff the entire tailgate, mask, spray white base, and re-clear the whole tailgate? Not sure of the correct procedure here...