67 gtx

the car was a older restoration, but it was in good shape, so its more of just a paint job. I stripped the outside back to metal and redid the old body work. only reason the door and trunk jambs were sprayed was to avoid tape lines. Metalux basecoat and 5 coats Universal clear. I'm about ready to paint the rest of the pieces before cut and buff. I"ll post some pics when its all back together
It's a solvent base. not sure on voc, where I'm at here in KY it's not something we have to be to concerned with yet . My jobber has carried this basecoat the last couple years but I don't know how new it is. I've been using since 2017 on most of my collision work and really like it. As long as they have a color chip to match to then the match has been great. I have ran into a few colors a chip wasn't available for and those were hit and miss. if a chip isn't available I usually vindicate it and go with chromabase.

El Toro

As said before Great Job!!! Just asking about the base as I see Metalux adds and its Metalux LV low voc. Same here we are not VOC regulated yet but who knows how long?