63 vette build


Picked this car up in the spring from a friend of mine. Heartland Custom reconstructed the body. House of Kolor ----------- silver, Euro 2020. I cut the floors out to lower them so I could use C8 seats and provide more driver room. This will auctioned a few cars after the 66 on Jan. 28th. At least $2 for this one.

IMG_9581 mod-5.jpg

IMG_9581 mod-6.jpg

IMG_9581 mod-10.jpg


IMG_9581 mod-13.jpg


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How would you decide which one to buy?
I like both but lean toward the newer one wife selects the silver one.
Dont matter as these will be out of my budget; I would guess each one will be 250 to 300 thou.
Not a clue!!!

Edit, Wed.
After mecum let me adjust the price.
350-450,000 for each car.
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