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59 Vette - continuation

I thought I would've had my car painted by now, but I'm sure others can identify with the best plans, etc. Anyway, we managed to get it primed (white epoxy} & now completing sanding with a few small areas requiring glazing. Then ready to reprime, seal, paint & clear, using SPI white epoxy, Motobase LV tricoat & SPI Euro clear, which is all ready to go. Attached a few pics after completing the last primer work & new stands we made to help with limited work area in my temporary paint booth. DSCF5951.JPG DSCF5955.JPG DSCF5945.JPG DSCF5975.JPG DSCF5981.JPG DSCF5985.JPG DSCF5936.JPG DSCF5935.JPG DSCF5949.JPG



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Looking like you are doing a fantastic job.
Is that moto reducer in a plastic jug?
I like the idea and many moons ago at utech before sikkens bought us we put clear in plastic jugs.
Then one day dot comes in and we went to metal cans.
To this day i dont know if legal or not but at the time the dot slapped us
around pretty good.
Thanks for your comment.
The Motobase & Euro are all metal cans,they just arrived rather bent up due to rough handling by UPS. Surprised that none were leaking. Notified Chad's that they might consider more packaging, however that might not help if UPS is going to drop these heavy boxes out of their trucks?


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LOL, I have seen pictures where we ship something and it looks like ups or FedEx flew over and dropped the packages 5000 feet to the porch.


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We managed to get the Motobase Tricoat base coat sprayed yesterday, will move on to the pearl & clear coat today. We had a little more trash than I was expecting, but will work this out. I would like to thank Barry for is informative answer on timing between the epoxy & base! DSCF6104.JPG DSCF6106.JPG DSCF6108.JPG DSCF6112.JPG DSCF6114.JPG DSCF6118.JPG DSCF6122.JPG DSCF6124.JPG
I really appreciate any & all interest in my project & welcome any comments, which I believe are honest & meant to be constructive. As I mentioned when I first joined this forum that this has been a 33 year project. I will be 75 in November. This is generally an age when a lot of owners of these older Corvettes are selling them & not trying to personally restore one. I have always loved the 58, 59 & 60 vettes. When I bought mine it did not take me long to realize that it was not in the best of shape & I should have found one in better condition After trying to sell it & only getting lowball offers I decided to make it into what I wanted. I have questioned this decision many times. The reason I started again 1 year ago in making a serious effort to finish it is I would like to drive this car again (with whatever time I might have left) even though I've had 4 back surgeries & am limited in what I can physically do. However, I am & will continue to work as long as possible. I have done all the work since I started, however my son is doing the painting now. As a note he has never painted a vehicle of any kind, but he is making a very good effort to do a reasonable job. ! told him as long as he gets a 5 foot job I would be happy. Painting a 59 vette & using a red tricoat paint would be a challenge for any nonprofessional painter. Back to the car, I noticed the waves on the top of the front fenders after applying the first coats of white epoxy. As anyone who has worked on these older vettes know that Chevrolet did not make perfectly smooth bodies. I'm sure that most people would use filler or more highbuild primer & block until the body was smooth. I have not due to being more delay ( also physical effort ) in getting my car painted. There is no plan to show it, just drive it. I can say that these cars are rough riding, hot & a pure joy to go down the road in. We did not have enough underbase coat (I did order the recommended volume) to get 2 coats & we had to much trash, which had to be cleaned up. This is not a difficult problem to fix & have solved the problem of what caused the trash. I have ordered more paint & will continue next week. I have no doubt that I'm not the first person to have experienced this situation & problems. I have greatly enjoyed reading all the posts & comments on this forum which is a treasure of info on auto painting, etc.
looks exciting to me and it aint even mine :) i agree on the bodies. i've worked on vettes for 40 years and they were wavy pos from the get go. yes you can prime and block them to perfection but unless it is a restomod in the 175k range it is wasted effort and can kill the value of an original.
the only opinion that matters is the smile behind the windshield ;)

and i cant imagine doing one at 75 . well done ironman .


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I tip my hat to you sir! And hey- if someday you want paint like glass, you've done the back breaking pro resto part. Blocking clear, reapplying base & clearing again is nothing compared to what you've done.
There is only one person that has to be happy with your end results and that is you. I love survivors, drivers, back yard hack jobs and most of all, home built cars. These are the kind of cars we had growing up in the '60s. We had to learn mechanical skills to keep our cars on the road. Same for bodywork and paint if we could afford materials. Well done my friend.
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There is only one person that has to be happly with your end results and that is you. I love survivors, drivers, back yard hack jobs ans most of all, home built cars. These are the kind of cars we had growing up in the '60s. We had to learn mechanical skills to keep our cars on the road. Same for bodywork and paint if we could afford materials. Well done my friend.
I do not believe I could have said it better! You just explained my experiences during that time. Now you know why it's very important to me to finish this car myself. Hopefully other people will think it looks good, if not, I will know I tried my best. Thanks for your well said comment!


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Anything done by ourselves is more fun rewarding especially your project. It's a beauty.
The blue car pics i posted is to show your son never worry about runs..even extreme like my mess heh.
Your car can look like glass if yrs from now you desire without months of work. Option's there.
I stopped toweling mine off after rain because i didn't get door dings out and when spi clear is sanded & buffed, every single person and child stares at it and have to get out at store quick or prepare for what yr is it how long did ya have it who painted it lol and then some. :)