56 Chevy Cameo Science Project

Well I gambled on an untested used 4L60E and lost. It came with my $1500 C5 roller so not a lot of money invested in it. I knew that it was a risk. What I didn’t count on was 8 week leadtimes for a replacement. Going to try a local shop who claims 2-3 days but I’m a little skeptical.

Dropping that transaxle takes a bit of effort.

That sux's...reminds me of dropping k frames to get them out in the late 70's early 80's. Transaxle bad or the tranny?
"Runs like a champ in first and second." All you need in the 1/8 mile :D
You got it that far, pick up a kit and build it? Can't be that bad.
Some used ones out there for 500-800 but hate for ya to get bit twice.
Still sux's

Worked in a shop for 7 years from 78-85, 4 years on the racks and 3 doing bench rebuilds. Just lay it out in order on disassembly and reverse it on assembly. Biggest thing is cleanliness is next to godliness on automatics, prelube your lip seals, presoak the fiber plates and flush the converter or replace it. My .02 worth

Thanks guys. I’ve got a 76 K5 Blazer coming in next week for a customer build so I am not really wanting to tackle it myself. I am usually game to try anything but this is pretty far out of my lane.

It worked briefly until it got warm and the temperature seemed high at 210 degrees. I did notice when I dropped it that the cooler return line looked dry. So maybe I fried it with no flow to the cooler. All new lines and radiator so no obstructions.

Picked up the rebuilt transmission Friday morning and it’s all back together. Transmission shifts good and has four working gears. :) $1500 including a new torque converter which seems like a fair price.

I also swapped out the base model transverse leaf springs for Z06 springs. 525 versus 420 lb/in. Little stiffer ride but ride height is improved. It was just too low with the base C5 springs. I must have slipped a decimal point when I did my ride height gazintas… :)

Put 50 miles on it today. Ride quality and handling is great and what I was hoping for. Performance is a little lackluster with the 2.73 rear gear but it’s a good cruiser. 1500 rpm at 60 mph.
Sure is a nice looking ride.
You could probably sell it for enough to buy a "restorable" Mopar. ;)
I built a 68 440 Charger R/T for an old friend I nicknamed Mopar Man several years ago. My first and likely last Mopar. You and Jim are the kings of the Mopar World… :). Mike is the prince…. :)

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great feeling to go for a ride after all the hard work....from looking at the windshield the bugs also were amazed by all that red..lol.....oh is that a radio antenna in middle of dash?
It was built to be driven so bug splatter is inevitable. :)

Yes that’s an antenna. I’ve used that style before on several builds with good results but this one is complete garbage. Need to find a better one.