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3m pps 2 cups

Anyone try these out? Did you notice a difference from the original and do the original liners work in the pps 2 cups. Thanks


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Never used one but the new ones have kept the tech lines busy with nothing but problems because of filter, get rid of filer and work great.
Sales rep told me the PPS gen2 was not loved. I don't know never used either version, not a fan of the closed collapsing inside cup idea.
Supposedly 3M was going to introduce another simpler type with a vented (bottom of cup) but all references to it disappeared from the internet!
The sales rep told me about them, showed me the images online. I posted the link on this forum and then poof-gone. I know a few who read the thread saw the images so there were witnesses, LOL! Who knows maybe they will introduce them in the future after they sold enough of the gen2.
Thanks metalman appreciate the onfo, I have the originals and they work fine, they don't collapse and material does seem to flow through fine. Always nice to pop it off, throw a cap on it and save the material, for a reasonable length of time anyway. Guess I'll stay put, just always interested in the latest and greatest, lol