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1972 C10

Over the last few weeks we got everything finalized enough to bolt the seats in. I should have pretty much all the under dash stuff done on the drivers side, since I last posted I finished up the AC vents, AC/heating control, parking brake assembly, and a few other odds and ends. I cleaned up, painted, and rebuilt my original heating heating control, it was kind of a hard decision on what to do with it for a color combo and I think it ended up fitting in nicely.


Once the seats were in I wanted to move onto installing the doors, I was able to get the passenger door on and aligned without any major issues. Im real happy with how it turned out, its great to see it on and fitting decent. Ive had them on and mocked up prior to paint but I was really second guessing myself on if they were going to look decent.

With the door on I started working on installing the internals, I go the wiring ran into the door, and installed the window regulator but ran into a snag with the vent window fitting around the power window motor, so I need to do a little experimenting on order of assembly.



Got most of the internals in the door, it was a battle but eventually everything went in. Main hold up with them now is the door key cylinder, I have too much build up in the hole and need to do some filing on the opening. I then want to put a coat of epoxy on any exposed edges, just waiting for it to get warmer to heat the shop. My power windows work awesome, remote door locks not so much. I thought I had the locks fixed but they are so stiff the actuator has a hard time with them.

I also finished up a bunch of things on the engine compartment, it is for the most part done, all it needs is fluids added and see if it starts.

Once the engine side of things was done I bolted on the inner fenders along with the front fenders.

Currently Im working on a little buffing on the cowl, should have it done this weekend. And then Ill probably buff the hood and get it installed, the jury is still out on if I will use the hood after the blasting damage, waiting to see what it looks like buffed and installed.




Spent most of the last 2 months working on box stuff. It was a job getting everything to line up square and get bolts through the holes. I spent alot of time grinding bolt holes out and getting the two rear splash guards to fit. I think I wasted probably an entire weekend on two splash guards but they fit decent now.

Couple before and after of the splash guard, I really had to cut up the drivers side.

20190323_122650.jpg 20190323_154443.jpg

Here is a pic of the box squared with most of the bolts in.


Once the box was ready we attempted to set it on the frame, this is where I ran into a bunch of issues with some twisting of the frame. I had another thread on here talking about it, but more or less a lot of small things added up to a large problem. Once we figured them out everything lined up pretty good with some shims here and there.


20190324_164150 (1).jpg

One more with the tailgate on, In this picture I had the stock style tailgate hinges on and they didnt really line up good. Ive since ordered a set with a delrin bushing to take some of the slop out of it, need to mock up and adjust accordingly with them still.

In between box adventures I ordered a new steering wheel, Im pretty happy with how it fits and with how my interior has turned out. This is as far as the interior will probaby go until I get some miles on, everything left to put on is one of those put it on once and hope it doesnt have to come off for a long time.


With the box on I was able to finish my exhaust, Im currently still working on it but will hopefully have it done tomorrow. Just need to finish up the drivers side rear hanger and then clean up a couple pipes.