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1968 Dodge Coronet R/T

I found the cam card.
The lift with 1.6 rockers is .5824
Duration at .050" 241/247

Joe, I hear you on the timing. Being that I am 4400' above sea level and the air is a bit thinner, the car should run fine on pump gas. If not I'll have to play with things a bit but this won't be my daily driver anyway - I have a Harley for that. :)
Installed the engine today. I guess I should have washed the engine compartment first to get rid of the dust but I was anxious.

This is the first time I assembled the engine on the K-member and lowered the car over it. I will definitely do this again as it went quite smoothly for a one man operation and no damage to the car or motor.
"This is the first time I assembled the engine on the K-member and lowered the car over it"

Yep, that's how I do it. Makes life much easier, especially if you're running headers.
The wood grain on the shifter and console top is actually a 1969 look. '68 had the chrome console top and early cars had the Inland shifter instead of the Hurst. I opted for this slight "mod" since the wood grain console and shifter knob go better with the steering wheel.
The car is obviously not a trailer queen show car. The numbers matching motor and tranny were long gone when I got it. I tried tracking it down but couldn't get current contact information on anyone past the two previous owners.
I plan to drive the car at least once a week so people in the public can see a piece of Muscle Car History with their very own eyes. Too many 4 cylinder cars with loud mufflers around here. LOL

A short video:
Thanks Brian.
I need to get the Land Cruiser done, so I can finish the 55 Chevy, so I can start the 67 CJ5 and make room for a 99 Miata for California.
And the addiction is so bad that I am already scouting for another project for - ME.
Sweet ride there, Coronet! And it is nice to see a '68 R/T as mostly seen around here are '69 SuperBees. I am sure it's good medicine to be back in the drivers seat.
Thanks guys.
Yes, this was my dream car since high school days.
It still needs a few things, like correct exhaust tips and some tuning, but it sounds great and certainly turns heads. Many people have never heard of the Coronet R/T and immediately think its a Charger or Superbee.