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1953 Chevy 3100 restomod

Sharing some pics of my recently completed truck. SPI epoxy, turbo, and UC. Wanda basecoat. 14 months of hard work on this one. A lot of real estate to paint on these old trucks. I replaced the floors, firewall, cab corners, rear cab panel, and door bottoms. The Hood, doors, fenders, and tailgate are original sheet metal. Skim coated everything with Rage Ultra. No Limit Engineering chassis, LS3, TKO600, and Ford 9" rear.

20171207_101117.jpg 20171128_100052.jpg 20180521_162117.jpg 20171220_104840.jpg 20180810_154015.jpg 20180810_154107.jpg 20180627_163736.jpg 20180502_173544.jpg IMG_9332.JPG


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Great video. Not rushed thru so the viewer can completely see and understand what all has been accomplished. Excellent work also. Nothing out of place. I like it. For someone who has never redone an older truck, it isn't for the faint of heart.
Thanks guys. So many details in making all the mods. to this truck work. The No limit chassis is stout. Play around with the settings on the coilovers and you'll get a nice ride. Handles real well too. The customer wants to change the wheels, so one more mod. to do.
I know, I know, I can't tell you how many hours I've spent on these wheels. o_OBetween backspacing, fender clearance, and brake clearances it been a real challenge. He picked these out, but now he wants something more showy (shinny)...customer is right...