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1.3 or 1.4 Needle Questions

I'm considering buying a Sata, either 5000RP or 5500RP. Everything SPI says is generally 1.4 needle, but I feel like a lot of people use a 1.3

If I purchase a 1.4, can I just turn in the fluid needle if I find it is too much? Or is there some other large difference that happens other than fluid flow from 1.3 to 1.4?


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Personally I would go with the 1.3. I own a 1.3 and have a 1.2 needle/nozzle set for it that I use in some instances. Sata's needle's are oversize compared to other guns. 1.3 measures more like 1.5. 1.4 is a real hoser and not really neccesary. Yes you could turn it down but it won't spray clear quite as nicely as the 1.3. Personally for a clear gun I don't think the 1.4 is necessary as 1.3 is more than enough for overalls and works great for single or multi panel jobs as well. Also if you decide you want one or the other you can always get a needle/nozzle set and then you'll have a 1.4 or 1.3. last needle nozzle set I got for my 5000 I got on ebay for $173.00.

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I did have the 1.2 for Sata 5000rp and used it for a couple of jobs but I did find that I had to slow down more than I wanted, The 1.3 is all you need for clear.
Are you using that for clear? Or is that for primer?
a waterborne clear and single stage. the 1.3-1.4 that we are used to on the automotive side has an equivalent of a 1.8-1.9 in wood finish/architectural coatings. a 1.8-1.9 is your typical nozzle size for that stuff. the paints only tend to be slightly thicker but generally you are talking about just getting a larger amount of material on alot more sq footage of surface.