WTB AFS sanding blocks

I think I only have 2 of these blocks currently. These are the foam rubber flexible blocks with the spring steel face for PSA 2-3/4" paper. They have the 3 rods that can be added or removed for altering the flexibility.

I'd like to have a couple more of these blocks. If anyone has one or some around the shop that they could let go of I'd be happy to pay fairly for them.

PM or drop me an email.



Those work so good, I'm surprised no one else has started making them since the original manufacturer passed away. Wish I had that long one also.
I want the long one and I want the super flex that he just started making. But I'd cut a regular one simulating a super flex if I had an extra. I did that with a dura block and I can wrap it around 30's fenders pretty good.