Why should I use SPI?

John Long

I spent some time thinking about this the other day after a friend purchased the cheapest product he could buy locally. His explanation was, it had always worked for him. He had just painted a truck a few years ago and said it took 7 coats of red to get coverage with his cheap line

First, I am not going to spend months or years working on a project and use anything other than the best material I can buy. I have had steller results with everything I have used from SPI. My latest project has nothing but SPI on it from epoxy to primer surfacer to base and lastly Universal Clear.

Secondly, I want service from my supplier. I can order my material in Chattanooga, Tn at 3:00 pm today and it will be on my front porch tomorrow afternoon...shipped free.

Thirdly, I want tech support. Where will I find any company where, if I have issues, has a tech support that opperates 24/7, and if I have to call, I will be answered by the companies chemist, the man who designed the product. the man who has done all the trial tests before the first batch was sold. Yup. The owner of the company is the tech support guy.

Fourthly, and for me the least important, is price. It may not be the top of my priority list but it certainly is great to know I have all the above benefits and still am buying a cost effective product that is more affordable than any other premium brand. That is because SPI does not spend millions of dollars on advertising, factory reps running around trying to sell product or spending thousands of dollars installing mixing systems.

I might even add, the forum which is supported by SPI, is filled with knowledgable members who are always willing to help others who need advise on all aspects of auto refinishing.

Let me be clear. The reason I am posting this thread is not to patronize Barry, nor get some sort of recognition. I wanted to post something that might pop up on an internet search from someone who was asking this very question.

The bottom line is not, why would I recommend SPI, but why wouldn't I? There is no product out there that will compare with quality, service, support, and price.

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