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which seam sealer??? HELP

I have a 67 Chevelle I am working on. Lots of new metal. Currently I am about ready to epoxy the underside of the floor and trunk pan as
well as the wheel tubs. I plan to shoot SPI epoxy, seam seal, then shoot Upol Raptor Liner over it all.

My question is which seam sealer should I use? 1K or 2K, brand, etc??

I have never done this and I want it to come out nice, not trying to match original factory ways either...

There are so many brands and types to choose from. I need a quality seam sealer that is fairly forgiving for a first timer....

Also when sealing how do you seal say a panel to panel where the gap is at the end of both. My trunk drop off and lower qtr panel flange
is spot welded but both of these end basically parallel to each other so to speak.