What to do with areas like this

I have a few areas like this on the hood surround panel on my 69 corvette. Looks like there wasn't enough resin to fill the mold when the part was molded. I'm assuming either VPA or Adtech P-17 would work? Should I rough the area with 80 grit first, or just work the filler into the bare fibers?


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Hard to tell from the pic but if it isn't feathered out I would feather it out with 80 on the DA and then apply your choice of filler. Either Adtech or VPA would be good.
Thanks Chris. It isn't feathered but I will do that prior to filling. There's several areas like this, all on the one panel. I stripped the paint down to primer with a razor and then used a DA to take it down to the glass. These areas had some of the original primer in them and I suspect it was the old time glaze that was just thick lacquer primer as some thinner washed the stuff out.