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What airbrush paint to use on spi intercoat

I finally got a chance to try some spi products, epoxy, both waxand grease removers, intercoat clear, and universal clear. I was suprised on how easy he product was to spray after reading many topics on issues. To be fair I have paint experience from years ago. I painted my neighbors motorcycle with a gray base, next black pearl mixed in intercoat, then put on hoĺographic silver metalflake and finally candy apple black. It came out way better than i thought. I will post a couple of pics when I am done sanding clear for final topcoat. Not sure if I will reduce for a flowcoat or spray it 1:1. Any ways the jobber I bought from here in orlando was a pleasure to deal with and represented spi well.
Now the question. I will be airbrushing a grim reaper on the side of the tank. I am wondering if shoot a couple of coats of inerclear to seal for airbrushing. Now i have picked some autocolrs that autoair paintx iare waterbaced along w inspire solvntbased . That said will ether ono work.,,,'l just bòught it but i want tò use it on spi


you can use auto air no problem if you prefer it over solvent basecoats. there is no difference in procedure. sand the clear you have on the tank, do your airbrushing then clear as usual. no intercoat is needed.
Thankyou for the reply, its been a long time since I airbrushed, had to buy a new gun as the old ones needed work from sitting too long. I used to use auto paint, but i dont have the invenory I used to have. So I just ordered a couple of different types hoping one will work lol. So one more question when I am done with my artwork, should I shoot another coat of intercoat first or can I just go with the univeral clear to finish it off using auto air airbrush paint.. Definiatly dont want a reaction