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Using SS Red as Liner Tint

I want to use tintable Raptor Liner on the bottom of my restoration. I also want to use SPI's SS Red (I understand SS is a bit easier than BC/CC for this rookie?) as topcoat. For the tint, U-POL says "For best results, use the solvent based toners from basecoat mixing systems. Ask your paint supplier to leave out the binders for best pigment density. RAPTOR can also be tinted with solvent based basecoats and solvent based 2K solid color isocyanate cured paints."
Economically, I'd like to use the SS Red as the tint since it only comes in gallon size and this is what I'll use as I'll only need very little tint (something like 5%). Does anyone know if the SS will work, or think it will work, based on U-POL's recommendation?
I've got SPI epoxy under there now, well outside it's 7-day topcoat window, which I intend to rough up with 180-grit, then spray another coat, before hitting with the liner, following SPI's tech manual, though I could probably get away with just roughing it up and hitting it with the liner...not sure about that, either.

Basecoat toners work best, when I spray raptor I get a 1/2 pint of base mixed without the binder as they recommend, I use about a teaspoon in each qt of liner. SS red can be used, I would start with measuring spoons and add small amounts till color looks right. It won't take much.
Thanks. I'm just trying to save having to buy separate paints if the SS will work since I got the idea, like you say, that it wouldn't take too much to get it tinted.